Borne on the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey and alluding to The Blind Pig Speakeasy bar on the Island (named after the police who turned a blind eye to the liquor rooms of the prohibition era), Forbidden Cocktails is the creation of Founder and industry veteran Brian Smith.

 What is a Speakeasy?

 A Shebeen, a secret bar, a place 100 years ago made famous by the prohibition of alcohol. These forbidden dens or melting pots have been around for 1000s of years, where folk stories and memories are shared with friend or foe, all helped of course by the naughty liberator and elixir of life…..liquor!

 At Forbidden Cocktails, we celebrate individuality, independent thinking, and freedom of expression. We hope you enjoy our forbidden cocktails and do not forbid yourself from the memories that could be.